My first lesson

with jay was around a year ago now, I had been with many instructors but just hadn’t found one to suit me. I got on with jay straight away, he was easy to get along with and very patient. I stopped my lessons for a few months due to money problems, but as soon as I was in a good position to start again he got me booked in as soon as he could, and we picked up where we left off. I found out I was expecting a baby so knew I had to push on with my lessons, so me and jay booked blocks and did lots of practicing. He was patient with me through my hormonal emotional and stressed times in pregnancy, and never gave up on me. He has a lovely balance of being laid back but also strict when he needs to be. That’s how I learnt so well. Thank you jay for helping me to pass my test first time. You should be a proud instructor.

Thank you